HomeBuddies Program

HomeBuddies and Meals on Wheels: a perfect partnership

It is common for the bond that forms between a pet and their home-bound or elderly caregiver to be very deep. Pet ownership among this group of people has been shown to have dramatic positive effects including reduced stress, fewer feelings of isolation and loneliness, lowered blood pressure and a greater sense of general well-being.

At the same time, elderly and home-bound Meals on Wheels clients often have a particularly challenging time providing appropriate care for their pets. They frequently have limited access to appropriate pet food and little or no access to veterinary care. Rather than give up the companionship of their pet, these pet owners may feed people-food and forgo veterinary care altogether. That’s where we help!

We partner with the Voluntary Action Center’s Meals on Wheels program to provide pet food to clients of the Meals on Wheels programs. VAC volunteers deliver the pet supplies along with their regularly scheduled visits. In addition, the HomeBuddies Coordinator makes contact on a periodic basis providing pet care advice. HomeBuddies clients are also able to schedule routine vet visits with the Tails veterinarian on a limited basis.

If you’d like more information about this program, contact our Program Coordinator at 815-758-2457 ext. 117 or programs@tailshumanesociety.org.

All pet food and preventive veterinary care is provided for free of charge!