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Tails instructors are dedicated to ensuring you and your dog are treated as individuals and reach your training goals. It is part of the mission of Tails Humane Society to ensure that pets stay with their families. We understand that a well-mannered dog is easier to live with, and we’re willing to work with you and your dog until you’re happy with his/her behavior!


Classes start at just $125! We also offer discounts for Tails adopters. Our prices just can’t be beat!

Location, Location, Location

Tails’ Training Center is located adjacent to the Tails Humane Society animal shelter at 2270 Barber Greene Road, just minutes drive from DeKalb, Sycamore, Cortland, Elburn and Maple Park. We’re the most centrally located training facility in the DeKalb and Sycamore area! We’re also the largest around. We have over 3,500 square feet of dedicated training space so there’s plenty of room to spread out without feeling crowded!

Basic Obedience

A Dogs Life PhotographyThis dog training class focuses on teaching the basic obedience cues (Sit-stay, Down-stay, Recall, Loose-leash walking) in a structured 6-week course using reward-based positive reinforcement.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how dogs learn and clearly communicating with your dog to obtain a reliable correct response when cued. Pre-registration is required and class size is limited. All Ages Welcome but check out our Puppy and Adolescent classes specifically designed for younger dogs… (see below)

Saturdays  9:00am  Scheduled to begin January 7th
Saturdays 10:00am  Scheduled to begin December 3rd (No class on 12/10, 24, 31)
Thursdays 7:00pm   Scheduled to begin January 19th

Fee: $125 or  $105 with Tails Adoption Coupon
To register contact us: or leave a message in our voice mailbox 815-758-2457 ext. 112.

Intermediate Obedience

Build upon what your dog learned in Basic Obedience! This 6-week dog training course will work on improving your dog’s self control, increasing responsiveness to cues while adding more distractions, and developing good manners around strangers and other dogs. (This class is not for dog-reactive dogs. Please ask about our private lessons to work on reactivity or other behavioral concerns.)  Prerequisite: Certificate from Tails’ Basic Obedience and/or instructor approval. Pre-registration is required and class size is limited.

Ages:  9 Months+ (see Prerequisite)
When: Saturdays 11:00am  Scheduled to begin January 7th
Fee: $125
To register contact us: or leave a message on our voicemail 815-758-2457 ext. 112.

Advanced Obedience

Ready to take your obedience to a new level? Our 6-week Advanced Dog Obedience training course focuses on building solid responses from your dog even when you’re not holding the leash!  Working at a distance from your dog and using distractions commonly found when in public helps to build your dog’s self control and responsiveness to both visual and spoken cues.   Prerequisite: Certificate from Tails’ Intermediate Obedience or instructor approval. Pre-registration is required and class size is limited.

Ages:  1 year+ (see Prerequisite)
When: Saturdays 12:00pm Scheduled to begin TBD
Fee: $125
To register contact us: or leave a message on our voicemail 815-758-2457 ext. 112.Save


Social Puppies

This 6-week obedience class is tailored to meet the needs of younger pups and their humans. We focus on socialization, manners, and foundational obedience cues using positive reward-based training. This class will provide you with information on how to handle typical puppy issues like nipping, stealing, and how to prevent future problem behaviors. In addition to teaching beginning obedience cues, instructors will answer questions, discuss puppy development, and provide opportunities for pups to learn to communicate appropriately with each other in off-leash play time, all in a positive atmosphere! Pre-registration required. Class size is limited. Ages: 8 Weeks – 5 Months (at start of class).

Tuesdays  7:00pm    Scheduled to begin November 22nd
Fridays  6:30pm        Scheduled to begin January 20th

Fee: $125 or $105 with Tails Adoption Coupon
For questions or to register, email us at or leave a message at 815-758-2457 ext. 112.  Please include your name, your pup’s name and current age, and if adopted from Tails, your pup’s name at time of adoption.

Adolescent Puppies

This 6-week class focuses primarily on foundational obedience, socialization, and manners in a fun environment. The class will provide instruction in training your dog in the core obedience cues as well as addressing how to prevent and handle common adolescent behavior problems (demand barking/mouthiness, jumping, reactive barking, stealing items, etc). Our instructors will answer questions, discuss adolescent development, and allow time for off leash play, as well as discussing how to appropriately socialize your adolescent dog. This class is a wonderful continuation from our Social Puppies class or a great place to start if you have an adolescent pup! Pre-registration required and class size is limited.  Ages: 5+ Months – 12 Months (at start of class).

Tuesdays  8:00pm  Scheduled to begin January 3rd
Fridays  7:30pm      Scheduled to begin January 20th

Fee: $125 or $105 with Tails Adoption Coupon
For questions or to register, email us at or leave a message at 815-758-2457 ext. 112. Please include your name, your dog’s name & current age, and, if adopted from Tails, their name at time of adoption.

Mentoring Shelter Dogs

This is an open training time to work on enrichment, general manners, and basic cues with Tails shelter dogs.  Agility obstacles, tricks, and scent training will also be introduced.  If you have an evening to spare for helping our shelter dogs, this is for you!  Volunteer orientation and dog walking training are required prior to attending class. 

There is no charge for this class. It is open to members of the public age 16 and older. Contact our Volunteer and Outreach Manager, Ali Taylor, at for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a training class?

Simply email us at or leave a message in our mailbox at 815-758-2457 ext 112 with your name, phone number, dog’s name & age, and class you’re interested in and a trainer will contact you with the day and time of available sessions.

What type of training methods are used?

Tails teaches and encourages the use of reward-based positive reinforcement methods. We believe these methods to be the most effective and humane way to build trust, maximize the bond, and encourage your dog to learn consistently appropriate behaviors in a variety of situations.

What type of collar and leash should my dog wear?

We encourage all handlers to use modified martingale or buckle collars and 6 foot leash. No pinch or choke collars and no bungee or retractable leashes please.  If your dog wears a harness, we recommend a harness with a front/chest clip for the leash, please discuss any other type harness with the trainer ahead of time.

Do we need to bring our own treats?

Yes.  It is important that you find a reward that your dog absolutely loves.  Most dogs are food motivated, but if yours isn’t, we’ll help you find a way to reward him/her with toys, attention or other positive motivators.

What if I have serious concerns about my dog’s behavior?

For dogs with behavioral concerns such as aggression, severe reactivity, fearfulness, separation anxiety, etc. please contact the Training Department by emailing us at or leave a message at 815-758-2457 Ext 112 to schedule a private consultation prior to enrolling in a group class.



Thanksgiving Week Hours
Tues 11/22:   12-6pm
Weds 11/23 : 12-6pm
Fri: 12-7pm    Sat/Sun 12-5:30pm

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