Adoption Program

Tails Humane Society cares for over 3,400 displaced pets each year. We accept pets from owners who can no longer keep them and from Good Samaritans who have found a homeless pet. We also work with animal control organizations and other animal shelter to rescue at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters. As a managed admission shelter, we provide quality, individualized care for each animal ensuring they have the best chance at adoption.

Find your new best friend at Tails Humane Society! We have many wonderful animals waiting for their forever homes. Whether you’re a cat fancier, a dog lover, or you have a place in your heart for the feathered or the small and furry, think adoption first. Think Tails.

Training Classes

Is Fido pulling on the leash? Is Sparky a little too spunky? If your dog or puppy is sometimes a bit difficult, Tails obedience classes can help. We offer positive reinforcement training for dogs of all ages and levels. Call us – we’ll help you communicate with your canine companion.

HomeBuddies Program

At Tails Humane Society, we understand that the bond between a pet and caregiver is extremely strong. Pet ownership has also been shown to have significant health benefits, especially among the homebound and elderly. Pet owners report 21% fewer trips to the doctor, live more active lives, and feel less lonely and depressed compared with non-pet owners. The HomeBuddies Program was created in partnership with VAC’s Meals on Wheels Program, to ensure that the pets belonging to Meals on Wheels clients receive appropriate food, veterinary care, advice and more….all free of charge!

The Safe Pets Program

The Safe Pets Program was formed in partnership with Hope Haven and Safe Passage to provide free boarding to the pets of the clients of these organizations. Providing care for a pet during a personal or family crisis can be nearly impossible. It is heartbreaking for someone to lose a loved member of their family because they have no other options. Tails provides temporary shelter and care for these animals while their owner re-establish their lives so they can re reunited in the near future.

Foster Program

Tails Foster program is an integral part of our mission to save the lives of companion animals through rescue, adoption and spay/neuter. Animals are placed in to foster homes for a short time until they are ready to come to Tails and find a forever home. The shelter is no place for nursing moms and/or young puppies and kittens who can’t be fully vaccinated and are more susceptible to disease. Some adult dogs have minor medical conditions that require time to heal. We find that a foster home is much less stressful on these animals and they tend to heal more quickly. Our foster families provide critical support in our efforts to save more lives – we couldn’t do it without them!

Transport Program

We work with open-admission shelters who are on the front lines of pet overpopulation to identify adoptable animals who are at-risk for euthanasia due to capacity constraints. We transport these animals to Northern Illinois and place them in to foster homes until they are healthy and ready for adoption. They either come to our shelter for adoption or remain in foster care until a forever home is found. We are always looking for foster parents to help us in this life saving work. Tails provides the supplies and support, you supply the love!  

Working Cat Program

Tails Humane Society’s “Working Cat” program offers you a safe and natural alternative to dangerous, costly and unsafe pest control methods. Whether you have a barn, stable, warehouse or winery, Tails Humane Society has the cat for the job. Our “Working Cats” are typically adult feral or semi-feral cats that would normally be considered unadoptable in a shelter environment. You can help to save their lives by “hiring” them to to work for you!