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through the care of companion animals

Support the Tails Medical Fund

This #GivingTuesday, we are raising money for the medical fund because every pet deserves medical care! Our goal is to raise $25,000 for the medical fund, which helps us:
  • Provide basic medical care to all homeless pets
  • Provide extensive medical procedures such as amputations when necessary
  • Treat animals suffering from heartworm disease, parvovirus, upper respiratory infections and more
  • Spay/neuter and vaccinate all dogs and cats before adoption

Add a reminder on your calendar to give on November 29th, or click here to donate early! 

Your Giving Tuesday donation helps:

Animal living in pain like Finn

When Finn arrived at Tails, it was clear to us that he was in pain. We weren’t sure when his last visit to the veterinarian was, but his painful limp told us that he needed to see one now. After an exam and several x-rays, we found out that Finn would need FHO surgery – a “femoral head ostectomy” which would remove part of his femur causing him pain.

This surgery alone costs more than $2,200 and would require several weeks of recovery and careful monitoring, but thanks to the Medical Fund, homeless animals like Finn have access to all of the care they need. Finn made a full recovery and has finally been adopted! Thanks to your support, he will live the rest of his life pain-free.

Unlucky pets like Rubberband

Sweet Rubberband was found on the side of a road with a severely broken leg. Her rescuer tried to splint her injury as best they could until they could get her to Tails Humane Society the next day. When she arrived, we quickly got her to the veterinary clinic where imaging showed that her compound fracture was so severe it would never heal properly. To add to her misfortune, Rubberband was also covered in fleas. It was clear that this cat hadn’t been properly cared for in quite some time, but none of this news could keep her spirit down!

After an amputation and proper care to rid her of fleas, Rubberband was all smiles and purrs. She quickly adjusted to life as a tripod and won the hearts of her forever family. Without your support, deserving animals like Rubberband wouldn’t have access to this lifesaving medical attention. Your Giving Tuesday donation on November 29th ensures that every pet at Tails has access to the medical care they need!

At-risk mothers like Indica

A few months ago, Tails Humane Society received a phone call from a local animal control facility that a dog had just arrived in active labor. This is a crucial time for any mother-to-be, so we sprang into action quickly to get her to a safe, comfortable foster home. Shortly after we picked her up, we knew something was very wrong and Indica needed immediate medical attention! She was taken straight to the veterinarian for help.

Devastatingly, we found out that the puppies had already passed and Indica would need an emergency c-section to save her life. As sad as we were about the puppies, we knew this mama deserved to live. Thanks to your support of the Medical Fund, Indica was quickly put under for life-saving surgery.

It was a tough recovery and undoubtedly a difficult experience for Indica, but as the days and weeks went by she started seeking attention and becoming a happy dog again. The outcome could have been even more tragic if animal lovers like you didn’t have the Medical Fund in place for dogs like Indie. Your donation on Giving Tuesday could save a life!