Building a compassionate community
through the care of companion animals

$20,000 raised for the Medical Fund!

Your donations on Tuesday, 11/30 supported the Tails Medical Fund, which supports the most vulnerable animals cared for at Tails Humane Society. The stories below are just a few examples of the hundreds of animals who have benefited from Tails through the medical fund this year alone.

THANK YOU for helping us provide medical care to the pets who need it most!

Neglected Animals Like Pecan

Pecan recently came to Tails after being found on a chain severely underweight. Her owners left her behind, and we’re not sure how long she was on her own. The elements and lack of nutrition took a toll on her body, but her spirit remained in-tact through it all.

Thanks to the Medical Fund, we know there are better days ahead for Pecan! She will require slow weight gain with a careful diet, monitored closely by her foster family and the medical team here at Tails. She still has a long road ahead, but thanks to donations like yours that road leads to a bright future!

Unlucky Pets Like Anya

Sweet little Anya was found in a grocery store parking lot with a severe tail injury. After arriving at Tails and seeing the veterinarian, we determined that the best course of action would be amputation. Since she would require extra recovery time before finding a good home, we paired her up with a foster family where she could recuperate comfortably. Even without medical trauma, arriving at a shelter can be a stressful time for animals, so we do everything we can to make their time with us a happy time.

Anya really came out of her shell in her foster home! As she healed, she even began to wag what was left of her tail when she was getting cuddles and scratches. A special thanks to the medical fund donors for turning her bad luck into a bright future!

Sick Animals Like Cordelia

Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease in dogs, most commonly seen in puppies. Cordelia, however, was an adult who tested positive for parvo after arriving at Tails earlier this year.

Medical treatment for parvovirus is a difficult and costly journey, but with quick medical attention and time to rest, Cordelia found her way back to health and into the arms of a forever family!

Thanks to the Medical Fund, pets like Cordelia don’t have to worry about vet bills when they get sick.

Thank you for helping us save these precious lives!