Spay/Neuter Clinic

Affordable Spay/Neuter Clinic

Our spay/neuter clinic is open to the public with safe and convenient curbside drop off and pick up service.

Reduce pet overpopulation and make your loved one healthier

The Tails Spay/Neuter clinic is a non-profit surgical clinic that provides high quality, affordable spay/neuter surgeries and preventative care. Our vision is to reduce dog and cat overpopulation so that all pets have a loving home.

Each year, millions of animals are euthanized in the United States. Tails recognizes the direct link between the sterilization of pets and the pet overpopulation crisis. Which is why we operate the area’s only affordable spay/neuter clinic. We believe cost should not be a barrier to any pet owner who wants to do their part to help control the pet population!

General Information

  • The Tails Spay/Neuter Clinic is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • All surgeries are performed by a licensed veterinarian at the Tails Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic, 2270 Barber Greene Road, DeKalb, IL 60115.
  • Surgeries are done by appointment only.
  • Pets must be dropped off for surgery between 7:30-8:00am and must be picked up later that same day between 3:30-4:00pm.
  • Puppies and kittens must be at least 16 weeks old at the time of surgery.
  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is strongly recommended for dogs aged 6 years and older but bloodwork is available for any animal for an additional fee.
  • We will need to know when your female dog’s last heat cycle finished to schedule a spay.

To request more information or schedule your appointment today, please call our clinic at
815-758-2457 ext. 114

Request more information by completing the form below. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, please call us at 815-758-2457 ext. 114 for assistance.

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    Important Information

    Fee Schedule:

    3-24 lbs
    25-49 lbs
    50-74 lbs
    75-99 lbs
    100+ lbs

    In addition, the following services are available during the time of your pet’s spay/neuter appointment.

    FVRCP (feline distemper/upper respiratory combo) $20
    DA2PPV (canine distemper/parvo combo) $20
    Bordetella $20
    Rabies $20
    DeKalb County Rabies Tag $20
    Microchipping $20
    FeLV/FIV or Heartworm Test $25


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