Building a compassionate community
through the care of companion animals


Are you ready to adopt?

Here’s what to expect when you arrive at Tails:


A staff member will ask you what sort of pet you are looking for and then will provide you with information about specific pets that appear to be a good fit for your family, taking into consideration such factors as: kids, level of activity, your pet experience, other animals currently in the home, etc. You will be encouraged to interact with the pet or pets of your choice in a private visiting room.  We believe that bringing a new pet into your home is an important decision so you’ll have plenty of time to make your decision without feeling rushed.  Staff and volunteers will be available throughout this time to answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve made your choice, an adoption counselor will review the adoption contract with you.

You’ll pay the adoption fee. Then you’ll take your new family member home with you! 

Adopters must be 18 or older and show a photo ID with current address. Renters, please bring a copy of your lease showing you are allowed to have animals.

An animal can be put on hold in person at the Tails facility during regular adoption hours.

See our adorable adoptables:

Small and Furry

Our adoption fees:

Kittens* $150
Adult Cats $75
Senior Cats** $50
Puppies* $395
Adult Dogs $295
Senior Dogs** $125
Little Critters  
Mice $5
Rat, Hamsters & Gerbils $10
 Guinea Pigs $15
Rabbit, Intact $15
Rabbits, Spay/Neutered  $50
Birds Varies by species
*Less than 6 months old  
**6 years or older  

All adoptions include the spay or neuter, microchip, all vaccinations needed up to adoption, heartworm test (dogs over 4 months), FIV/FeLV test (cats) and a free vet wellness check.

A $75 Obedience Class Deposit is included in the above adoption fee for puppies and adult dogs (not included for senior dogs).  If you elect to attend dog obedience classes through Tails, this fee will act as payment for these classes.  If you choose to attend dog obedience classes offered by another organization or company, this fee will act as a deposit and will be returned to you when you provide proof of completion of that training along with your request for reimbursement to Tails within 6 months of adoption.

Please note: DeKalb County requires that all residents have a current DeKalb County Rabies Tag for each dog over 4 months old.  The county fee will be required at the time of adoption and Tails will issue the Rabies Tag. The fee is $19 for a one year tag or $51 for a 3 year tag, based on the vaccine given.




Improved Exercise Yard

A special thank you to Eric Tronc who recently restored our exercise yards as part of his final Eagle Scout project! 

Spay/Neuter Clinic is Open!

Does your dog or cat need to be fixed? Make an appointment at the Tails Clinic! We do surgeries on Wed and Fri, by appointment. Call 815-758-2457 ext 114 for more details or to schedule your pet.

Last updated 4/11/17