Shelter Information

2250 Barber Greene Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
(the shelter is located just west of the
intersection of Peace and Barber Greene Roads)

Phone 815-758-2457 (815.75.TAILS)
Fax 815-487-4944

Mon  Noon-6pm
Tues Noon-6pm
Wed  Noon-6pm
Thur  Noon-7pm
Fri     Noon-7pm
Sat    Noon-5pm
Sun   Noon-5pm


TAILS is always looking for more help! 

We often have close to 200 animals in our facility at any given time - that's a lot of mouths to feed, kittens to cuddle, dogs to walk and poop to scoop! 
We can use all the assistance we can get!
You'll find that when you volunteer to give, it's you who receives the most fulfilling reward: the satisfaction of helping an innocent, homeless cat, dog or small animal.
Our volunteers are involved in virtually every aspect of TAILS.  There is truly a volunteer opportunity for everyone from 5 to 105! Scroll down to find how you can help us help homeless animals.
All TAILS Volunteers must first meet with the TAILS Volunteer Coordinator and pay $20 to cover the cost of materials and your Volunteer T-shirt.
Call  815-758-2457 x103 for more information.

Cat Care and Cleaning

Our cat facilities are cleaned every day beginning at 7 am. Bedding is changed, litter boxes are cleaned, and the areas are disinfected, This is a very important part of our operation as poor hygiene can facilitate the spread of disease. During training, you'll learn how to provide the appropriate care and maintain a healthy environment for the cats. 

Cat Socializers

Cat socializers spend time with the cats and kittens: talking to them, handling them, and grooming them. This helps the cats and kittens become comfortable around people and increases their chances of adoption. During training, you'll learn how to interact with cats and kittens in the adoption area to make sure they get enough interaction with people.                                       

Dog Walking                                   

 TAILS dogs need to be walked many times throughout the day. Dog walkers are responsible for maintaining control of the dog at all times and cleaning up after the dog. TAILS dogs do not have runs seen in old fashioned shelters. Walking them teaches them not to soil in their living area. Dog walkers help to teach the dog good social manners, provide water, food, basic grooming, and care for the kennel space. Walking dogs provides personal interaction with them and gives them the stimulation of being outdoors.
Dog walkers must be at least 16 years of age to participate in this program. During dog walking training, you'll learn where leashes are kept, where to walk the dogs, and guidelines to follow. Read a short article about a Dog's Need To Walk, and you'll see why you're valuable to the lives of the dogs at TAILS who you walk.  

Li'l Critters                                        

Learn to care for our diverse small animals. TAILS houses rabbits, birds, and small rodents such as mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs waiting to find their forever homes. Although they all have unique needs, they all require care and individualized attention. During training, you'll learn how to care for our special Li'l Critters.

Adoption Assistants

Feel the joy when you help a pet from TAILS go to their Forever Home!
Adoption assistants meet, greet, and direct TAILS clients. You'll provide accurate information about TAILS and begin the adoption process. There are two types of adoptions: onsite and offsite. Each has its own guidelines to follow. During training, you'll learn to provide assistance to people adopting animals and learn the basics of the adoption process. On weekends and during special events, dogs are taken offsite for adoption to many locations, including area PetSmart and Petco stores. They house some of our cats and know how to adopt them there.
Volunteers are always needed to answer telephones and appropriately redirect or answer client questions. 

Brooms and Brushes

 Volunteers help to keep our shelter beautiful. We are proud of our facility and need to keep it in tip-top shape by keeping the non-animal areas clean and sparkling. This is not only for appearance sake, but also to prevent the spread of disease. Volunteers help maintain the public areas of the shelter by cleaning doors and windows, sweeping or mopping floors, watering plants, taking out the trash, and helping in the shelter laundry. During orientation, you'll learn details of where items are kept and how to help. 

TAILS Foster Parenting Program   

TAILS is always looking for volunteers who are willing to open their hearts and their homes to puppies, kittens and special-needs adult pets.   TAILS receives over 400 puppies and 500 kittens each year.  These puppies and kittens are more susceptible to disease than than adults who tend to have stronger immune systems.  The younger they are, the more vulnerable.  For this reason, we try to care for puppies and kittens in foster homes from the time they come in, until they're ready to be made available for adoption.  Usually, that's about two weeks, but may be longer depending on how old they are when they arrive at the shelter. 



TAILS is a non-profit organization and operates through donations---no government funding. Without fundraising, TAILS would not be able to continue the valuable services we offer to the community and aid we give the animals. Volunteers are encouraged to participate at special events that raise money to support the animals and TAILS programs. The Volunteer Message Board will keep you informed about specific activities and dates. As a volunteer you might staff a booth at festivals, flea markets, craft sales, and other community events. We need volunteers to sew, bake and help with mailings and a variety of other projects---something for everyone.Our largest events include The Annual Auction, Pumpkin Fest, Santa Paws, and many more. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, we would enjoy hearing about it.
On your volunteer application, please jot down your interests or ask the person at the desk in the lobby about the events that are in the works and who you could talk with to become involved. The more cheerful volunteers we have to help, the longer TAILS can help the animals.
Your efforts in fundraising are greatly appreciated by all, especially the animals.
Have an idea about how you can help TAILS? Call 815-758-2457 x103.