Building a compassionate community
through the care of companion animals

Transport Program

Saving the lives at-risk animals through strategic partnerships

TAILS_Humane_Society_transport_vehicleIn 2009, an open admission shelter from Oklahoma reached out to Tails Humane Society for help because they were inundated with homeless animals after a recent hoarding situations. Tails responded by renting a van to bring some of these dogs to Illinois.

This event launched the Tails transport program which partners with open admission shelters to save the lives of highly adoptable animals that are running out of time at over-crowded shelters. In the years since, Tails has acquired two transport vans, developed several new partnerships and saved thousands of lives.

mix_of_puppies_being_transportedSince this program began in 2009, we have transported over 6,200 animals that were at-risk for euthanasia due to the sad realty of pet over-population. Our transport program not only directly saves the lives of each animal we relocate, but also alleviates capacity constraints at the source shelter allowing other animals a better chance at adoption. This program relies on our incredible foster families. Learn more about the Foster Program.

A special thanks to these life saving partners:



Paw Lickin Good PawFest

Tails will have animals for adoption at the Paw Lickin Good PawFest this Sat 7/15. Come join the fun - there will be raffles, games and food too!







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