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Home for the Howlidays: Christmas Sleepovers!

Coming Soon! Please check back for details. 



Home for the Howlidays Sleepover FAQ


What should I bring to the shelter? Please bring a valid form of ID and if you rent, a current copy of your lease.

Can I participate if I have other animals or children in the home? Yes! We will do our best to find you a perfect match!* When you come to the shelter for pick-up night, we will ask you about your home’s residents and any pets you own. Your resident pet MUST be spayed or neutered in order to bring a dog home for the holidays or to participate in our traditional foster program.

*Please note, we may not have a match for everyone at this time, but hope to continue the program for the Christmas holiday! 

Won’t this sleepover upset the dogs? Actually, studies show that short term sleepovers and breaks from the shelter actually benefit shelter dogs! Read all about it here.

Does it cost anything to participate? Only your time and your love! There is no fee to participate and your foster guest will be sent home with everything they need!

What if I have a question or need help during the sleepover? We are here for you! Before you leave the shelter, you will be given our Foster Coordinators contact information.

What if it doesn’t work out? Can I bring the dog back? Absolutely. If for any reason you want to end the sleepover, you can contact the Foster Coordinator at the number provided in your packet and we will arrange for you to bring the dog back to Tails.

What if I fall in love and want to adopt my foster? We love happy endings! Just let the Foster Coordinator know you would like to adopt and we will arrange to have all of the paperwork ready for your return appointment.

Can I take a cat home for a sleepover? No. Unfortunately, most cats tend to get very stressed out when moving between new environments. For their health and safety, we are not able to include them in this program. However, if you’re interested in fostering cats through our Foster Program we’d love to have you! Please click here to learn more.

Still have questions or need help? Please send an email to