Building a compassionate community
through the care of companion animals

Surrendering a pet

We understand that giving up a pet can be difficult

When Tails was established, we made the philosophical decision to limit our admission based on available space and overall resources, rather than accepting all animals as they come to us. The limited admission philosophy allows us to focus on the individual needs of the animals in our care.  Sadly, because space and other resources are limited, we can’t accept all the animals who need our help.  

We will always accept animals who were adopted from us and we will try our best to immediately accommodate very young kittens/puppies and sick or injured adults.  

Pets not adopted from Tails will be accepted as space permits.  Please fill out the appropriate online form below and we will contact you as space becomes available.  

If you need to relinquish a sick or injured pet or very young puppies/kittens, please call Jon Koffenberger, Animal Care Manager, at 815-758-2457 x 102. Friday through Sunday: please call the front desk at Tails  at 815-758-2457 x 0.  Please leave a message which are checked frequently throughout the day. 

Dog Relinquishment

If you have found a stray dog, please contact your local animal control department.

DeKalb County Animal Control: 815-748-2427.

If you need to relinquish a dog not adopted from Tails, please fill out the dog relinquishment form below. If you adopted the dog from another shelter, we recommend that you contact that shelter prior to contacting TAILS. 

If you need to relinquish a dog adopted from Tails, please call Jon Koffenberger at 815-758-2457 x 102.

Please click here to complete the Dog Relinquishment Request Form.

Cat Relinquishment

We receive far more requests for assistance than we have the resources to accommodate. We will however, always accept cats who were adopted from Tails. We will also try to immediately accept very young kittens and sick and injured cats. If you need to return an adopted cat or have a sick or injured cat or very young kitten(s), please call Jon Koffenberger, Animal Care Manager, at 815-758-2457 x 102.

If you need to relinquish a cat not adopted from Tails, please fill out the cat relinquishment form below. If you adopted the cat from another shelter, we recommend that you contact that shelter prior to contacting Tails. 

Please click here to complete the Cat Relinquishment Request Form.

Little Critter Relinquishment

Tails accepts pet birds, hamsters, bunnies, gerbils as well as other small pets, as space permits.  Tails does NOT accept reptiles of any kind.

Please click here to complete the Little Critter Relinquishment Form.


Clear The Shelter

Tails will be participating in our 3rd annual clear the shelter event. On August 19th from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, all adult animals (6 months and older) will have their adoption fee waived! 


-If you rent, please bring your signed lease with your current address that matches your current ID. The lease must state you have landlord approval for a pet.
-If you're adopting a pet into a family, please bring your family, not just one person representing the family.
-Many of our dogs available will require a meet and greet with current dogs in the home. Please plan to bring your dog or complete meet and greets earlier in the week
-The line starts early outside of Tails. Please plan ahead accordingly and assume there will be a waiting period outdoors.

Registration Open for Intermediate Training Class

Tails Humane Society's Intermediate Obedience Class is an 8-week course building on our previous skills of Basic Obedience and adds more such as manners when passing others, improved self control with a Place cue, etc.  Class size is limited and prior registration is required. Class will be held at 9am starting Sat 8/26. Contact or 815-758-2457 ext.112 for questions or to enroll.     

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