Building a compassionate community
through the care of companion animals

Staff Listing

Fax number 815-487-4944
Vet Clinic  ext 114

Medical questions

Non emergencies

 ext 109

Jenni Lesorgen

Director of Operations

jlesorgen@tailshumanesociety.orgext 106

Jon Koffenberger

Animal Care Manager

jkoffenberger@tailshumanesociety.orgext 102

Ali Taylor

Volunteer and Outreach Manager


ataylor@tailshumanesociety.orgext 103

Loren Jones

Foster Coordinator

ljones@tailshumanesociety.orgext 108

Danielle Hoske 

Development and Marketing Manager

dhoske@tailshumanesociety.orgext 111
Dog Training, Obedience questionstraining@tailshumanesociety.orgext 112

Leah Enderle, Program Coordinator

Offsite adoption events, HomeBuddies, Pawsitive Tails

programs@tailshumanesociety.orgext 117

Michelle Groeper

Executive Director

mgroeper@tailshumanesociety.orgext 101

Patti Sauber

Business Manager

psauber@tailshumanesociety.orgext 105



Board of Directors

Leslie Scarpace,
Anne Birberick, Vice
Mary Lincoln,
Ryan Gifford,

Patrick Burke, Past President
Lisa Angel, Director
Halle Boddy, Director
Thecla Cooler, Director
Ted Campbell, Director
Ruth-Ann Gentry, Director
Alex Hunter, Director
Nancy Leffler, Director
Brick Van Der Snick, Director