Building a compassionate community
through the care of companion animals

Staff Listing

Fax number 815-487-4944
Vet Clinic  ext 114

Medical questions

Non emergencies

 ext 109

Jenni Lesorgen

Director of Operations

jlesorgen@tailshumanesociety.orgext 106

Jon Koffenberger

Animal Care Manager

jkoffenberger@tailshumanesociety.orgext 102

Ali Taylor

Volunteer and Outreach Manager

ataylor@tailshumanesociety.orgext 103

Loren Jones

Foster Coordinator

ljones@tailshumanesociety.orgext 108

Sadie Aguilar 

Events Manager

saguilar@tailshumanesociety.orgext 111
Dog Training, Obedience questionstraining@tailshumanesociety.orgext 112

Leah Enderle, Program and Marketing Coordinator

Offsite adoption events, HomeBuddies, Pawsitive Tails

programs@tailshumanesociety.orgext 117

Michelle Groeper

Executive Director

mgroeper@tailshumanesociety.orgext 101

Patti Sauber

Business Manager

psauber@tailshumanesociety.orgext 105

Board of Directors

Leslie Scarpace,
Anne Birberick, Vice
Mary Lincoln,
Ryan Gifford,
Lisa Angel, Director
Thecla Cooler, Director
Ted Campbell, Director
Dr. Samantha Dannehy, Director
Ruth-Ann Gentry, Director
Alex Hunter, Director
Nancy Leffler, Director
Brick Van Der Snick, Director