Shelter Information

2250 Barber Greene Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
(the shelter is located just west of the
intersection of Peace and Barber Greene Roads)


Phone 815-758-2457 (815.75.TAILS)
Fax 815-487-4944

Mon  Noon-6pm
Tues Noon-6pm
Wed  Noon-6pm
Thur  Noon-7pm
Fri     Noon-7pm
Sat    Noon-5pm
Sun   Noon-5pm


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Doggie DNA kits

Kits available at TAILS for $10 (proceeds go to TAILS). You follow easy instructions and submit the DNA sample and fee ($10 off) to and you'll recieve a custom photo certificate, report of the dog's dominant breed, personality traits and health concerns, plus 4 FREE weeks of pet insurance. Details at

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Two children's books with lessons for us all to ponder.

"What's the Matter with Henry? The True Tale of a Three-Legged Cat"

"What About Me? I'm Here Too!"

Henry, an outdoor mountain cat, was rescued and only an emergency surgery to amputate his left front leg could save his life. The books are not just a story about a cat but about all of us - prejudice and overcoming it, coming to love what we thought we hated, enemies becoming friends, and challenges becoming learning experiences. Henry’s stories seek to tell you, through the eyes of an innocent creature, what our world looks like to an outsider. Henry is able to see the absurdity in things we take for granted. The books are about how we survive our wounds, about transforming tragedy into possibility. Foremost, they're about life as a new adventure. Available at TAILS for $20 each.  

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TAILS Wildlife Expert Publishes Book

"Every Life Matters: Inspiring Stories of Wildlife Rescues & Releases" by Kathy Stelford, TAILS' founding President and care-giver of over 7,000 injured or orphaned wild animals on her 33-acre farm in rural Sycamore. The gorgeous book, with full color photographs, tells of her illuminating experiences with a select few animals she has saved and returned to the wild. To read more about her book and purchase a copy or more, click on her website, Be sure to ready the excerpt about Lucky, a five-pound wild wolf who Kathy tenderly healed.

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